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Neutrals that Make a Statement

September 16, 2018

And are anything but boring!

When it comes to neutral clothing I think classic, polished, and versatile. Neutrals are the base of any fabulous closet and a staple for a capsule wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong, I love my print mixing but wearing solid neutrals feels like home and comfort. To some the word ‘neutral’ may seem boring but your neutrals can provide timeless details to still give your look the finish it needs.

This Deep-V Pullover from cabi’s Fall 2018 Collection is the perfect staple for your fall and winter wardrobe. In a charming cloud tone, it will literally go with any bottoms in your closet. Patterned or solid pants? Yep. Trousers, jeans or leggings? Yeppers. And yes, due to it’s length it is appropriate for leggings because if you haven’t heard yet…leggings are not pants! Always make sure your top is covering your bum before you leave the house in leggings. And to top it off, this sweater is ridiculously soft and cozy.

In cabi’s Fall 2017 Collection the Heritage Necklace and Bracelet which was a hit to say the least with their stunning white pearls. For the Fall 2018 Collection the cabi Design Team reinvented these sell-outs with Black Pearls as well as introducing the Heritage Earrings. What makes these studs versatile is they match both the White and Black Pearls of this stand-out set.

These jewelry pieces might be solid colors but the dimension and details still provides so much depth that make them anything but a ‘boring neutral’.

Rarely do I purchase anything but neutral colored shoes. I am a huge advocate for quality over quantity so when it comes time for shoe shopping, I want to make sure I will wear them ALL the time to justify the price. I found these beauties at Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale on major sale. Pink was my first preference but knew the grey would provide so many more outfit options.

Neutrals are the cornerstone of fashion and when you invest in good quality neutrals in your closet they will keep giving to you season after season and year after year.

[I get paid for clicks from affiliate links in this post. I am an independent cabi stylist.]


Deep-V Pullover // V-Neck Cami // Smolder High Straight // Black Pearl Heritage Necklace // Heritage Pearl Earrings // Lucky Booties

cabi’s Fall 2018 collection is available till December 31st, if interested in any cabi pieces above, contact me!

Neutrals, the Gift that Keeps on Giving

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  1. I love neutral looks, especially for the Fall! I love your styling here – I think your accessories really make this look work. Your earrings are gorgeous!

  2. I love me a v-neck! They are so much more comfortable to me than a crew neck. I’m also a huge neutral fan. They make it so easy to make fun outfits for those occasions where you do have a pop of print or bold color you’d love to wear!

  3. I’m totally on board w/ you about neutral shoes…if I’m going to splurge on them, which I generally tend to do, I want them to be something I’m going to get a tonnnn of use out of. & I personally think neutrals make the greatest statement, classiness! x, nicole

  4. Yesss! I love neutrals so much, especially during the fall. I agree that neutrals are so versatile. I love so many of the pieces you shared here, especially those booties. I gotta have em!

  5. I LOVE neutrals! I used to be all about bright clothes – I looked back through my OLD pins on Pinterest and it’s crazy how much my style has changed. I am all about neutrals now – of course, in my closet, navy is a neutral!

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