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Introduction to Print Mixing

September 2, 2018

It’s easier than you think!

Before I found cabi in the Fall of 2015, I never mixed prints. I repeat I never mixed prints. More than half my closet was solid black. It seemed like the easiest thing to ‘go with everything’. I was wrong. Now that I’ve learned how to mix prints, there’s been no looking back to the all-black wardrobe. And PS. there are other options to looking slim that don’t include head to toe black.

To begin mixing prints, think of what solid color you would typically wear. For example, with my cabi Collage Jacket I would look at pairing it with solids like red, navy, gray or deep green. Then simply select a basic pattern in one of those colors. I chose the red striped Sweet Talk TeeSimple patterns can include stripes, polka dots, or gingham.

Voila! That’s it. You’re on your way to being a print mixing expert.

Want to learn more about cabi? See Four Reasons I love cabi here.

Pro Tip: Leopard print is a neutral.

Yes, it’s true. Leopard is a neutral. Light brown, dark brown, black. Neutral, neutral, neutral. Because leopard is considered a neutral yet is a pattern it’s a great pattern to start your mixing journey.

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Sweet Talk Tee // Collage Jacket // High Straight Jeans (Fall 2017) – Authentic High Straight, Smolder High Straight // Apollo Earrings // Apollo Necklace // Interlock Block Heels

cabi’s Fall 2018 collection is available till December 31st, if interested in any cabi pieces above, contact me!

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  1. I have to say I love the style of your shoes! I was always into mixing patterns in my teens and early 20s but the past few years I’ve been more into solids. I need to breakout my patterns again!

  2. Love the detail on your jacket! It’s so unique! I am branching out into print mixing myself – mostly stripes with a bolder print! I am all about stripes this year.

  3. Love your striped tee! I think print mixing is such a great way to switch up outfits using pieces you already have in your closet!


  4. I love that you agree leopard print is a neutral! I love wearing leopard. I’m all about print-mixing as well. You are awesome at it. I wonder what mixing stripes and polka dots will look like!

    xx Carly

  5. I never thought of pairing stripes and plaid like that but I like how the colors in each of the patterned pieces are what brings everything together!

  6. I don’t think I am the best at mixing prints…I need to try a little harder. The way you combined plaid and stripes looks super cute though (:

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